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SEMI’s April book-to-bill is 1.04

The SEMI book-to-bill was 1.04 in April compared to 1.10 in March and 1.03 in February.

April bookings were $1.57 billion – 12.9% higher than March’s $1.39 billion, and 9% higher than April 2014.

April billings were $1.51 billion – 19.3% higher than March’s $1.27 billion, and 7.6% higher than April 2014.


Top 20 Q1 Semi sales figures

Six top 20 companies had 20%+ growth in Q1 compared to Q1 2014, reports IC Insights. Mediatek entered the top 10 while ST dropped out. Sharp and UMC moved into the top 20 while Nvidia and AMD moved out.

The six are: Sharp at 62% thanks to CMOS image sensors and Sony with 26% also thanks to CMOS image sensors. The other four are TSMC up 44%, Hynix up 25%, Avago up 24% and GloFo up 21%.

How NOT to write the perfect blog post!

The Internet is packed with inaccurate, generic advice on how to write the perfect blog post.

Here are a few common examples you may already know:

Your blog posts should be a certain length.
So should your blog titles.
You should use adjectives in your blog titles.
You should write clickbait titles, like: “21 Ways to excite your readers — number 6 made me scream!”
You should publish your posts at a magical ‘peak time’, on certain days of the week.


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A new ISIS video appears to show one of the two Japanese hostages beheaded. The Japanese government is outraged at the footage that was released on Saturday.


Most retailers are familiar with “shopping bulimics” – the consumers who make purchases and promptly return their merchandise. Retail consultant Kurt Salmon told the Wall...

I am wondering how many of you immediately got the musical reference, and there are now possibly many of you that are singing the “Humpty Dance”. I could use this as a scary...

A company chooses how to compete in a given industry with its business model AKA its plan to make big money! A business model states a firm’s logic, operations, and value....

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