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Hover Camera is an autonomous flying camera

There are drones, and then there are drones. The Hover Camera would fall under the latter category which is more often than not a unique device that will be able to capture videos and photos from afar and high up, but also carries the distinction of being an autonomous flying camera. Zero Zero Robotics is the company behind the Hover Camera, which is the first truly consumer-friendly autonomous flying camera that has been specially designed to be safe and portable, and yet allowing just about anyone to effortlessly capture exciting moments indoors and out, from creative new perspectives.

Loliware is delicious and environmentally conscious

There are such things as trash-free homes, but it takes a lot of planning and scheming with some extra purchases in the beginning to make it possible. It really does cut down on costs and environmental impact in the long run, but until you’re used to it, it’s sort of a pain. While not too many of us are going to be chomping at the bit to change up our whole lifestyle, that doesn’t mean we don’t care about our impact on the world.

The EcoQube Air uses plant power to stop your life from becoming stagnant

Have you ever holed up in your apartment for several days, left, and returned to realize how stagnant it smells? When you close up your home, you’re getting a buildup of carbon monoxide, 2nd hand smoke, pollen, pesticides, and/or asbestos. One or all of these pollutants can lead to some pretty bad health issues, and as it is with most health problems, prevention and precaution are key.


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