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#FFWD2015: Interbrand Canada Celebrates The Age of You (and 15)

Advertising Week Canada continued today in Toronto with a focus on "The Age of You"—this critical consumer-centric age of experience where seamless, personalized ecosystems are being created between brands and customers thanks to data-driven insights and measurement.

The topic made for a lively discussion led by Interbrand North America CEO Josh Feldmeth, who was introduced by Interbrand Canada MD Carolyn Ray on a significant occasion for another reason: Interbrand's 15th anniversary celebration in Canada.

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Commercial Pulls Following Animal Cruelty Outrage

GoDaddy has been forced to pull its Super Bowl ad after many people claimed it portrayed a despicable level of puppy cruelty.

After the ad appeared online ahead of the big event, viewers voiced their outrage with GoDaddy and NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, who also appeared in the commercial.

Named “Lost Dog,” the commercial shows a puppy who falls out of a truck and then overcomes all odds to make their way home.

When the dog finally returns home, they find out their own setup a GoDaddy hosted website to sell them to a new owner.

Ancient Solar System Discovered, Estimated To Be 11.2 Billion Years Old

Astronomers have discovered an ancient solar system estimated to be 11.2 billion-years old. This makes it more than twice the age of our own solar system and almost as old as the universe’s 13.8 billion-year history. In fact, its sun and planets were already older than Earth and our own sun by the time our solar system was formed.


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