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YouTube Co-founder Chad Hurley’s Advice to Small Business Owners

Interviewed on stage in New Orleans on Wednesday, July 29, 2015, at the 2015 Sage Summit, YouTube co-founder and former CEO Chad Hurley reflected on the origins and journey of YouTube and, with some coaxing and a bit of humor, had several suggestions for the audience of several thousand small business owners. The on-stage interviewer was Sage North American president Jodi Uecker. (Note: Quotes in this post are not verbatim and have been slightly edited. A video of the interview is available on the Sage Summit website.)  

M2M connections increasing, but don’t call it IoT

The market for M2M cellular modules and wireless terminals is predicted to grow dramatically over the next three years.

By the end of 2019 the market for cellular M2M modules is expected to reach $2.2bn, according to a new report by Beecham Research.

The numbers of modules and wireless terminal is predicted to more than double in the same period.

Despite the move to 3G and 4G and talk of 5G, Beecham Research says that 2G modules will continue to provide for the majority of new M2M connected devices for the next few years.

Collaborative Startups Shift from Contractor to Employee Relationships

The on-demand startups, which are a subset of the overall Collaborative Economy, have been under scrutiny on worker treatment. They’re under the magnifying glass more than ever.


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