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The Very First Step To Take For Better Quality B2B Sales Leads

Sure, you’re generating sales leads, but are they good leads? The solution might be right in front of you. Here’s how to step up your lead quality.

One day years ago when I was a young account executive in the training program at the fabled J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in New York, the agency’s creative director spoke to the class of about 30 trainees.

The creative director was James Patterson, who at the time wrote mystery novels on the side and has since gone on to great fame and success as one of the best selling novelists in history.

Constructing Identity APIs: What You Need to Know

Digital business initiatives are becoming the driving factor behind many customer experience strategies. As more customers move to mobile and online interactions, businesses are shifting their delivery of products and services to digital methods. It has, and will continue to have, strong ripple effects throughout organizations, but most noticeably for the IT teams tasked with building the customer-facing apps, portals and programs that make digital engagement possible.


A Guide To Warming Up Your IP Addresses For B2C Email Marketing

If you’ve invested in a dedicated IP address and conducting B2B email marketing to major ISPs, warming that IP address is critical. If you begin sending emails from a new or “cold” IP address, steep increases in email marketing to major ISPs can damage your new mailing IP’s reputation and defeat the purpose of that investment.



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There’s a great book called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, the premise of which is that each day we face a series of choices. We can choose the choice that lead us...

Carmaker Daimler, the parent company of Mercedez-Benz, has partnered with mobile tech firm Qualcomm to explore the possibility of wireless charging for mobile phones in car, as...

As holidays approach and you scan your work to-do list, somewhere near the bottom is usually the reminder to pause your adwords campaigns. You know spending the money on your...

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