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Three Crucial Lists You Should Make Today

When I start the personal branding process with a new client, I spend a lot of time uncovering, discovering, and probing their values, beliefs, skills, goals, and feelings. This ensures we build and promote an authentic and sustainable reputation for my clients that helps them drive success in their career, and in their life.


Simple Cures for Business Blog Writer’s Block

Unlike a personal blog, a business blog has certain goals. Not all business blogs share the same goals. Some are more focused more on reputation-building, others on building loyalty, still others on demonstrating expertise and some are focused on building links with the local community.

Whatever the goals, sooner or later you might run into a brick wall. You are due to write a post, but you have no idea what to write. Here are a few ideas that might help you.


Laptop Security In Seven Simple Steps

Imagine that tomorrow you wake up to find out a virus has infected your laptop and all your files have vanished. Your family photos, your spreadsheet of online passwords (a major security faux pas) and that report you need for a meeting later today — all gone.

Scratch that.



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Self-made – Everyone Is Self-made

(Post #56 from my challenge)

Have you...

A digital marketer is like a conductor. Many players, a lot of shiny noisy instruments and a big audience.

It means understanding the nuances of the new web paradigms...

Marvel’s Agent Carter returns this week. Showrunner Michele Fazekas spoke to IGN about what to expect when Agent Carter returns, as the show’s focus switches gears, now that...

On the Subject

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