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This is me with My Students And Teammates in India after a company Convention event .

Till Date ..." After 24 months of rigorous testing and fine-tuning one ninja online network marketer, in one crazy move, decides to open his marketing treasure chest and release one of his secret weapons to a lucky few ... Will you grab your copy in time? I'd like to begin by making you a HUGE promise: If you could just get your hands on this SECRET weapon that I'm about to introduce you to, then you'll have the key to open any money vault and take as much money as you like ... and live your life to the fullest, just as you always dream about.  Now that's no easy promise to deliver on, but if you'll invest the next 5 minutes and read every word of this letter and take advantage of the opportunity I'm placing before you, I may just turn out to be your hero--at least for today.   Let Me Fill You In ...  Perhaps this is the first time you've heard of me, if so, my name is Ankur Agarwal .  After graduating from college I joined the corporate workforce as a software engineer for a company in Noida , India.  Looking for a way out of the rat race, I spent several thousand dollars attending seminars and buying a ton of ebooks online.  I soon came to understand the power of internet marketing when coupled with network marketing and have since made hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars online.  I've recruited over 3,000 reps till date frontline WITHOUT picking up the phone and I've shared the stage with network marketing superstars as thrilled audiences hold on to my every word.  You see, many of these "traditional" network marketers never thought the internet could be used to generate such huge downlines.  That's me with my students teaching a seminar on internet network marketing in London , U.K earlier last year...

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