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  Hello there, I’m Jeffrey M. James, a world renowned trainer and former professional basketball player. Ever since I’ve retired from professional basketball, I’ve helped tens of thousands of players across the world gain 20+ inches on their vertical and was featured on many magazines and websites for my 50 Inch Vertical system. What exactly is the 50 Inch Vertical system? The 50 Inch Vertical system is a new unique multi-faceted vertical jump training program that provides you with all the tools you need to take your game to the next level. Inside are the same industry secrets used by professional basketball players and athletes to help you obtain your maximum vertical jump and quickness in a quick, safe and efficient manner. The best part is that ANYONE can use it. Anyone using the 50 Inch Vertical system can improve their vertical and start dunking in just a matter of weeks. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, tall or short, fit or overweight, or what race and nationality you are. YOU can improve your vertical and start dunking like the pros with the 50 Inch Vertical program. “Just Imagine The Thrill Of Dunking On Your Opponents!” Wow, I’ve tried everything – jump manuals, jump shoes, leg weights, training systems and none of them worked. I almost believed the saying that Asians can’t jump, but out of anger after some trash talking opponents, I decided to give your system a try. Now I’m so glad that I did. I just did my first dunk yesterday and I can’t wait to play them again! Thanks man, Jing Jun How it all started… I’ve always loved playing basketball but as you can probably tell, I wasn’t very good. It took me 2 years of trying out to join my school’s basketball team. Even when I finally made it onto the team, I didn’t get any playing time just because other players were taller and jumped higher than me. It didn’t matter that I was a better passer and shooter than them because other players were just blocking my shots and jumped all over me to get all the rebounds and easy dunks. I became fed up. I committed myself to training and bought all the best jump manuals, training programs, systems, shoes and guides that I could, hoping to improve my vertical. Four months and almost two thousand dollars later… My...


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