Algae: Natures Smallest Gift

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Is this an e-book about pond scum? Some algae may form scum on ponds, but by reading this e-book, you will learn that algae are probably the most important living things on earth. If it weren't for algae, humans couldn't exist. Algae: Nature's Smallest Gift is a 31-page illustrated book that will introduce you and your child to the fascinating and important world of algae. After reading the book, you will appreciate the myriad ways that these creatures, though invisible to the naked eye, support all life on earth. Algae are in the news.Algae have the potential to help humanity deal with the twin crises of depleting oil supplies and global warming. You can learn how in this e-book.The 31-page e-book comes with over 60 illustrations that bring the text to life, and deepen your understanding.Although the book will be fascinating for adults, children younger than twelve will be able to understand all of the material.Here is just a glimpse of what you will learn by reading this e-book.The First Algae The story of the first algae is an amazing tale of death and resurrection. Algae didn't only create the oxygen we all breathe, by doing so, they almost destroyed all life on Earth.Modern Algae Algae are amazingly diverse. While algae are needed for life to exist, some algae can cause plagues of biblical proportions. Some algae can live in water that is almost boiling hot, while others thrive in arctic glaciersSome algae can even survive in the cold vacuum of space. Humans and Algae Algae are our greatest allies in the fight against global warming because algae use Carbon Dioxide to grow. When algae die, the Carbon can sink to the bottom of the sea reversing some of the effects of human pollution. The future of AlgaeAlgae may be the most important living things on the planet, but human beings are just now learning how to farm them on a large scale. Once we can create farms of algae, algae could replace petroleum as a source of liquid fuel, enabling us to heat our homes, and power our cars while at the same time starting to heal the planet. TestimonialsProfessor Joseph Seckback, an expert in algae at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem calls it a "masterpiece."Children's book Author Kiersten Stevenson says it's "fascinating!"Dr. Roger Kiepfer says, "I never realized how amazingly interesting algae are. This is a GREAT book."...

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