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ASC Magazine Dear Future Subscriber; FACT: Most people, even professionals, fail at growing enough foods using sustainable methods due to lack of real workable information and support.  This is especially true in Aquaponics, Permaculture and most forms of ground growing. The Problem With Sustainable Growing Today Despite all of the gimmicky projects out there that promise sustainable growing is easy, many do NOT work as promised and expert growers need REAL and ONGOING information  from other professionals to be able to have continued success, especially if this is your business.  The Solution Is The RIGHT Information From Pros! You need the right information; hard won, professional and tested growing results. SECRETS that can explode your growing like never before. Otherwise you are doomed to dismal failure! Just ask ANY beginner before they found our magazine what growing was like: “I tried several times to grow my own food. I thought I knew what I was doing. Boy it was much harder than I thought! Yeah I had some moderate success but nothing like what I wanted. It was a dismal failure!” Joseph Stanton So what can protect you from this? Information. Truth be told you NEED this magazine because having access to dozens of new growing updates, articles, growing tips from top producers, brilliant minds, advice and constant advancements in the growing industry can mean all the difference to your continued success! “The ASC Magazine Also Covers ALL Top Trends In Food Growing And YOU Get To Learn From The Real Tried And True Experts!” The future of ALL growing is tied very closely to top university  studies  related  to Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Permaculture and best practices of Agriculture; so why not stay on top of the industry the easy way?  This takes into consideration for both long term growing and experiments  being done for NASA as well as for the future of sustainable growing in a systematic methodology.  We will keep you informed of the latest trends, events and systems and how they are being tested and how you can replicate them if you  want to do the same thing. By 2020 Sustainable Growers Will Be Leading...


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