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Automated Classified Traffic Generator is a cool tool that allows you to easily setup traffic traps all across the internet to get traffic, leads, and sales from classified sites, question and answer sites, and more.

Re: Automated Traffic Dear Friend, I f you've been around the Internet marketing arena for any length of time, then I'm sure you've realized that one single thing stands between every marketer and online success.     That one thing... well, that's TRAFFIC.     Traffic is the lifeblood of ANY online business and is the driving force behind online sales and money getting... no question about it!     Unfortunately for most Internet marketers, getting traffic is THE roadblock they cannot overcome.     They start out as excited as they can be, build a site, put it online, and then they sit by clicking refresh on their stats -- hoping against hope that someone (anyone) will visit their site...     Only to be sorely disappointed.     The brutal truth of this industry is that probably 97% of Internet marketers simply don't have enough website traffic to make a full time income -- much less even squeeze out a few sales every now and then.     And for the lucky ones that can get traffic, most won't be able to keep the traffic flowing for any length of time without enormous effort or expense.    Until now... (more on this in a second)...     Imagine... with a few quick clicks, traffic suddenly streams to your site... a heavy load of traffic that actually buys what you're selling...     And all of this could be yours without having to spend precious dollars on some high risk PPC campaign, without wasting months and months of your time trying to SEO your site, or paying one red cent for unproven advertising...     A few simple clicks...     All free traffic...     And like this...     Or this:     In case you're counting... that's nearly a million unique visitors on just a couple of sites, in just a few short months...     And there's plenty more automated push button traffic where this came from. Press a few buttons for quick and explosive results!     A quick peek into your inbox can probably answer that question, without hesitation...     It's plain to any of us that get bombarded with the email pitches every day that there's a TON of courses, 'step by step' guides, video tutorials, info products, etc., etc., etc.     There's probably thousands upon thousands of terabytes of worthless information sitting out there...     Information just clogging up our bandwidth and clogging up our Internet 'pipes'.     And as...

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