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If you're tired of the rat race, tired of working for morons & imbeciles, if you want to pay YOURSELF what you are REALLY worth...

I write books and ebooks for a living. I'm nobody special--I used to be an inner-city teacher. But ya know what? I used to check my sales during my lunch period at school and one day I sat there with over $1,400 in sales from just that one day. I said, "What the hell am I doing here working for peanuts when I can make this kind of money selling simple books I've written in just a few hours a day?" That wasn't my record for sales in a day, not by a long shot. But not long after that I walked into my building principal's office and said, "I quitting!" He Asked Me When I was Going To Quit... I said, "I just did!"...

On the Subject

On the SubjectWe are working in web development and print media. If you have a project that needs some creative injection then that’s where We come in!