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Here’s a lesson I am learning lately… Think long term instead of short term. …too many marketers are so focused on making that quick buck (short term) instead of thinking for the long term (building a relationship with your list through value, giving goodwill, and then selling only products that really can help them in the LONG RUN). it’s kind of like the words from the Bible Mark 8:36 where Jesus says “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”… Similarly, you can think like this in terms of business… “What does it profit you to make quick buck but lose trust from your followers?” …i realize having TRUST with someone is worth FAR MORE than a quick sale. Have you ever checked out any product, service, program, person, who was trying to sell you something…thought what they had was amazing but realized it wasn’t as really good as advertised? …afterwards, you lose trust for that company and then you will most likely never buy anything from them because of that ONE bad experience… Just like that, stop looking to make that quick buck…instead, work on building a SOLID valuable relationship with your list in a genuine and helpful way… …through that relationship, you can sell what truly can be helpful to them in the long run… and as they experience goodwill and true value from you, they will end up continuing to keep following you, get results, and also buy more from you in the future… So the message is simple… …Sure you can make a quick buck here and there from anything online out there (there are tons of questionable products or exaggerated offers to promote online)… but is it worth it if you lose trust from your customer if you are selling something that you don’t truly believe in or really works? …In my long term point of view, it is not worth it. Stop thinking short term. …Instead, think long term in your life and business. Take care,...

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