Blog Curation Blueprint : The A-z Of Making Money From A Curated Blog

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A Simple and Proven System Helps Build Profit Pulling Blogs Using Other People's Content! Now, Forget Creating Fresh Content for Your Blogs because You Get all the Content Readily Available! Your browser does not support Flash or does not have it installed. Click here download Flash Now Dear Friend, Blogging has been the hottest thing on the internet since the past few years and names like Daniel Scocco, Jeremy Schoemaker, John Chow etc. have all emerged as hot properties on the internet. Talk about blogging and we also have blogs like and who have become specialists in their niches.. But How can all this help you? Irrespective of the route you took to come to this page, one thing is for sure – You are a Blogger! But there is something that is haunting you.. Let me ask you a few questions? If you answer any of these in a “Yes”, then you are at the right place. Are you tired of finding fresh content for your blogs everyday? Tired of writing and producing  pillar content for your blogs, to attract readers? Are you still struggling to make that first dollar off your blog? Is you blog facing a dearth of comments? Is you blog becoming a pain in the backside for you? Are you running out of ideas for writing? Do you need to push yourself everyday to write that one article you committed you will write for you blog? Don’t Be Upset. You Are Not Alone! I started blogging in 2007 and the niche I chose was career building and personal development because that was what I specialized in. After writing every other day for almost an year, I felt I was running out of ideas. My blog had only a trickle of visitors and there were nobody who would comment on it.. I felt I was blogging for myself. I dragged myself to keep writing for another 2 years but the result was nothing better than what it was.. In 2011,I stumbled upon a blog called Huffington Post and was amazed at the amount of content it was churning out everyday. One thing was sure.. it was not one person doing it. As I kept browsing through the blog, I clicked on one article that took me to a different blog and I found that part of the content was the same as on Huffington...

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