Build Your Own Web Site Without Any Programming

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For many, building a website is a daunting task and for most, a terrifying thought. Why is this so? Most people just do not know how to go about it.  If you have given it some thought, are you put off by the fear of having to learn a computer language and/or having to pay a webmaster to maintain your site.? Many will tell you that it is very complicated and long winded to learn and maintain — This is definitely not the case! The TRUTH! The ONLY skill requirement that you need is that you can work windows, not even expertly but just getting along with windows is enough! It IS EASY! You do not need to learn any programming at all. You will have an expert to lead you by the hand?  Who will not only show you but get you to participate with ‘hands on’ experience, every step of the way. In no time at all you will gain the experience and knowledge to stand on your own feet and have the confidence to create page after page and website after website as you become an expert yourself.  Then you can even pass on what you have learned to others. How Do You Do It? Enrol in the “Easy Build My Own Web Site ” course. This course is written assuming that you know absolutely nothing, except that you can work a keyboard, a mouse and windows.  It is assumed that you have limited funds available for your enterprise.  In fact the only cost apart from the cost of the course is your website hosting fee (modest) which will depend on your space requirements (minimum is recommended). The Course consists of a 57 Page Manual AND 27 Video’s.  You can do the course by just the manual or just the videos, although a greater understanding will be gained by using both.  All Video’s are accessible from within the Downloadable Course Manual....

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