Children Playhouse Plan

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The assembly instructions are delivered as a PDF file to download.

In order to prevent misunderstandings, we should first emphasize the fact that you are only purchasing the assembly instructions for the play house and not the actual house itself! Furthermore, these extensive instructions describe the construction of the wooden stilt house shown in the pictures with the short stilts, like the blue house shown. The additional pictures in the gallery of the house with longer stilts are variations of the described play house with children’s slide, sandpit and ladder. These pictures have been provided by customers who have purchased the construction manual for the play house and who have modified the house to their own specifications. These images are for illustration purposes only. The attached wood and cutting list refers to the stilt house with the short stilts! The 40-page instruction manual for the wooden play house for children was developed and optimized over a lengthy period by a qualified civil engineer, is protected by copyright and not available in this form for general purchase....

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