Coffee Shop Secrets

Who else wants to learn the secrets of opening and operating a very profitable coffee shop? If you do, then you MUST read this!

What's inside "Coffee Shop Resources" ? Employee Handbook - Sets Clear Expectations. Identifies employees responsibilities. Addresses probationary periods for new employees. Identifies employment classifications. Addresses: promotions, resignations, & pay increases. How corrective discipline will occur. Shows employees what critical, serious & major offenses are. Provides alcohol & drug policies. Discusses employee dress code requirements. Includes a release of information form to allow for background checks as well as drug & alcohol testing. An employment application to help screen potential employees. A performance review to help monitor employee performance. Secret shopper survey - allows you to see what your customers see and think about your coffee shop. Opening & Closing Checklist to insure employees understand what must be done prior to opening and after closing. What's inside Coffee Shop Contacts? Includes a few of my personal contacts from when I was the co-owner of two highly successful coffee shops. One of the contacts has been responsible for financing dozens of coffee shops all accross the country. The best person to contact for establishing your merchant account. The source for the best coffee beans in the world, in my opinion. I give you not only the company name and number, but I give you specifically who you should ask for when you call. Again, in my opinion, this is the most comprehensive course on opening and running a successful coffee shop available. But hey, I am biased. BONUSES IF YOU ORDER TODAY If you order by midnight on Saturday the 11th, you'll get the following bonuses! My Coffee Shop Recipe e-book. This book shows you how to make 20 of the most popular (and profitable) coffee shop drinks.     Access to my five day quick start video course "How To Open A Coffee Shop" where you will see exactly what you need to do starting today. Plus I'll include my 15 minute video showing you exactly how to create your very own Central Nervous System.     Access to a couple of conference calls with coffee industry "experts". One call is with a company that has financed dozens of coffee shops all across America. You'll get to hear exactly what is needed to get money to open your coffee shop. The other call is with the company behind the best beans in America.   You will also get my personal email address so you can ask me any questions that may...

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