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and tired of battling to make money online in this

that I was working on... The Result? And that was to an email list of 6500 people I had built up via Google Adwords over the course of a couple of months. From then - EVERYTHING changed. (...and soon enough my day job was confined to the history books) So why am I telling you this story? Well, push forward to 2012... and our email lists collectively generate anywhere between $20,000K and $100,000K in revenue every single month - depending on what we are doing. On some occasions, it can be more. What does this mean to us? Well, other than having a good life :) means that... The point I am trying to make is this... People who have lists of contactable people who are interested in a particular subject, niche or area of interest, have a MASSIVE advantage when it comes to earning revenue. Not only do they have the ability to make more money than anyone else - (and make it at the drop of a hat, too...) ...if something goes wrong (ie. Google tanks their website), they will STILL be left with these contacts. As a result... You see, after the carnage that has happened over the past few months, it's clear that the online 'playground' is not a stable place to be... Things can go 'pop' at any time. Therefore, it is more imperative than EVER, and no matter what you are doing, (mobile, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, products and services etc) ...that you start implementing methods of building up lists of targeted contacts. How? ask? Well, the good news is, that we have a PLAN ;) But listen, I know what you are probably thinking.. "List Building?"...."Email Marketing"...that's kind of 'old school isn't it?. "Been there, tried it --- seen it a million times before".. etc. Hooooold up for a second there... Let me make something perfectly clear. What we are about to reveal is not really 'list building' or 'email marketing' as you know them. Yes, obviously, they're involved in some form - but they are only one part of the engine... There are a number of other crucial parts and they all need to be working together in order for the 'engine' to run. But... putting together an engine ain't easy - especially if you've never done it before - so you'll obviously need some help... And that's where we come in....

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On the SubjectWe are working in web development and print media. If you have a project that needs some creative injection then that’s where We come in!