The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual

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Advantages/disadvantages for 4 different heating systems including free solar options. Find out the best method for productive cricket production. Learn the thermodynamic principles for efficient heat conservation.

The Worlds Smartest and Low Maintenance Cricket Breeding Methods!                              $35      "With Automated Feeding and Cleaning Systems, Crickets can now be kept with less Time and effort than Standing in line at your Pet Store"   Crickets were once the most difficult feeder insect to breed, which is why 98% of people gave up after a few months using conventional methods. The reason for this is very simple….breeding crickets is easy, the hard bit is continuing with a laborious maintenance schedule. The problem with conventional methods is they require constant spraying, feeding, watering, moving crickets to 7 different containers and cleaning.  To make things worse, pests take over due to lack of maintenance and the whole system crashes. It’s easy to see why the vast majority of people give up. These methods are better suited to large scale commercial production…not feeding one or two bearded dragons. “Thankfully our insect breeding systems are very different… after more than a decade of commercial production and experimentation, we have pioneered revolutionary new techniques that have slashed maintenance, eliminated offensive odor and doubled production compared to conventional methods. Now there is a true alternative which makes cricket breeding available to everyone!!"   No matter whether you are starting out or want to breed for profit, our methods will move you well past the standard “place a bowl of vegies, in a fish tank with toilet rolls”. “With our unique methods, the average family can turn their scrap vegies into $1400 worth of  Juicy fresh feeder insects every year. Not only is it convenient…you will also save yourself thousands of dollars”   “With the world’s most comprehensive guides, video demonstrations and free Skype training, there is no excuse anymore, it’s very easy. You can now work Smarter not harder"    Why  do They Require So Little Maintenance?   Our automated low maintenance systems are tried and tested for over a decade. The result is smarter low maintenance, consistent and productive breeding methods for both private and commercial applications. In summary our low maintenance methods are achieved with:  Reliable and robust food and water dispensers which attends to your insects for 14 days or more;  Unique container design which: increases air flow; removes toxic odors; maximizes heat retention and prevents pests from entering.  Heat Systems that supercharge cockroach production…and it’s not incandescent bulbs.  Streamlined cleaning and maintenance methods that easily...


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