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Here’s a hint: It doesn’t really matter who you book through! Dear Friends, Like many people, Kim and I spent lots of years hearing about the cruise vacations that other folks were taking. We saw beautiful pictures of exotic places that we, as a young and dirt poor couple, thought we may never see. We lived one day at a time, congratulated others on the chance to take amazing voyages, and hoped for the day when money was easier to come by. Years later, when the money did come a little easier, we were blessed to be able to leave our two kids with the grandparents for a few days, and go on our first cruise. We had saved our pennies, shopped around for what we thought was the best deal, and we were at sea for the very first time. What a vacation! We knew we'd have to go again, and we knew that, if we were to go any more than once every few years, we'd have to really dig in and find ways to seriously cut the costs of going. The kids were still young, the cost of living still high, and we had to get 'on the inside' of this cruising thing if we would be able to do it again soon. So we dove into our research every way possible... we spent countless hours scouring cruise forums, cruise-related websites, online articles about cruising, the websites of the cruise lines, and even making phone calls to those in the cruise industry... we were wearing out our welcome, but the months of research were paying off in valuable inside information on ways to save money while cruising, and revelations into cruise industry pricing tactics. Needless to say, the second cruise came a lot quicker than the first one, and the overall cost was dropping, even while we were finding ways to enjoy cruising more. Soon, we had the kids cruising with us, for about the same cost as the two of us had originally spent cruising without them. There are just a lot of things the average cruiser wouldn't know about, that could save them tons of money on cruise pricing... and there are things you may not get from a cruise line, unless you ask for them specifically... kind of like those Easter eggs your kids walk by and miss, without ever knowing. Cruising more often...


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