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Quickly build AdSense sites that get high CTRs utilizing this amazing template and ad management system! No coding required!

CTR Theme Plus - The Ultimate AdSense Theme CTR Theme Plus (for Wordpress) makes it easy to build informational websites monetized with AdSense that get awesome click-through rates (CTR). AdSense provides hands-off recurring income, but usually these sites leave a lot of money on the table by having bad designs or underoptimized ad placement. CTR Theme Plus makes it simple to turn almost any niche into a winner in just a few seconds. CTR Theme Plus features include: Using CTR Theme Plus and AdSense Link-Building Secrets, I turned a $2.17 .info domain into a $250 per month earner, and it took less than 4 hours of work to do it! SEO and AdSense is the new alchemy. Garbage becomes gold.."...

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