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EVER wanted to know about Decoupage , then this is going to be

complete a decoupage project. Each step has close up color photographs.     Try something new! We'll show you all the different surfaces that Decoupage can be applied to, including wood, galvanized steel, ceramics, porcelain, enamel, glass, candles and even would you believe it...soap!     All levels and abilities are covered. For the advanced decoupers amongst you, discover little-known advanced cutting techniques. We show you many more advanced techniques including gilding, cloisonné, illumination and crackling.     At last! A sure proof way to erase print from the back of pictures. Don't you hate it when you can see old print on the back through your decoupage items? Banish them for good with our effective technique.    Fabulous project ideas! Be inspired with our fabulous ideas for decoupaging boxes, picture frames, candles, candle holders, eggs, plates, glass bowls, coasters, vases, lampshades, flower pots, wastebaskets and even children's projects. Your daughter will love you!     Learn 3D Decoupage (also known as paper tole) the easy way. Why struggle with suppliers so called instructions when you can easily get the hang of it by following our step by step guide lines.     AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to make your cards really special by adding those embellishments that make all the difference. We show you what works, and more importantly what doesn't.     2 simple ways to make your pieces waterproof.     How to avoid those annoying brush lines. I used to hate seeing the brush lines on my finished work, but now I know how to prevent them.     A truly international book, with regional variations for Belgian, English, French, German, Italian, Mexican, Norwegian, Polish and Portugese. Be the envy of all your friends by creating decoupage projects with all kind of international flavor!     Images for Decoupage! Never run out of ideas of what can be used for images with our extensive list of ideas for images. We even show you where to get them from cheaply and easily.     Discover how to create that "aged" effect, by following our tried and tested techniques for aging prints or paper.     Discover which types and weights of paper are best for which projects.     Children's projects! Yes even the young can get involved with our simple projects.     Learn how to properly finish decoupage item so that...

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