Dynamic Theme Units For Homeschooling

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The Simple, Fresh New Approach to Educating Our Children at Home

Hi, I’m Meredith Nation, and I’ve been homeschooling all my life, first as a student and now as a parent of three. I want to share with you a discovery I made that has revolutionized the way we do schooling! Here are a few of the things that it has done for our family, and can do for yours: Our children look forward to learning new things and sharing what they have learned. Our children are happy, confident, and socially adept, and highly motivated to study. Our family works as a team, not only on schooling but on every aspect of family life. We have time to work, play, and learn together and to enjoy each other’s company. Since learning is fun and an integral part of everyday life, there is no “school year.” We are learning year round. Being raised in homeschool gave me a great foundation and lots of great ideas for homeschooling my own children. But, like you, I struggled to make it work for our unique family. I have three children who have very different interests, learning styles, and needs. I tried packaged curricula, unit study packages, picking and choosing from different programs, unschooling — just about every approach I could find in books or on the internet. Each had major disadvantages for our family, and I was not happy with any of them. Then, by accident, I stumbled on the answer… The kids were burned out and I was burned out. We were due to go on vacation in a month, so I decided to take a break from schooling and just get ready for the trip. I began to organize family activities around preparing for vacation. We had lots of fun, and the trip was a great success – our best family vacation ever. After we returned home, I began to jot down all the things we had learned and done before and during the trip. I was astounded by what the children had learned, figured, read and written, without any complaint and with great enthusiasm. I suddenly realized that I had found the answer to my homeschooling dilemma. I began to share my idea with other homeschooling families, and found that it worked for them as well… (..and you don’t have to be going on vacation!) I have named this method the Dynamic Theme Units approach. It is so beneficial to homeschooling families...

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