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Tired of Giving Your Profits Away to the Big Middlemen? Your Server or Ours:  Get This Unique  Mobile Publishing and Marketing App EMRE Publishing CEO, Jim Musgrave If you're a comparison shopper, please do a search for any equivalent app to ours that's available.  If you find one, send us the link to their sales site, and we'll give you free premium access to our ePub Creator Studio. Another way to see what kind of value you're receiving, please send our specifications to an app developer and see what they charge you.  We'll wager it will be many thousands of dollars more than what we're charging you here.  You can even try using this online app cost estimator. Why publishers should like apps.  Your Licensed Copy of the Embellisher™ Mobile Creation, Publishing and Marketing System Here's what you'll receive: Fully tailored app to match your brand or company image. Access to the Full Admin Console. Access to the ePub3 Creator Studio (check-out this free access to see what it looks like). Access to the eReader (installs on Android, iOS and Chrome platforms). Access to the Author and Reader Forum Marketing tools and document templates. Special Children's eBook Creation template. Special Family Love Time Capsule template. Read these customer testimonials. The books you create can be approved to be distributed on our platform to over 1,000 online digital retailers and over 65,000 libraries. Vearsa allows you to maximize your book's category listings, gives you ability to discount and run price promos to specific retailers. The eBooks you distribute on your own earn you 100% royalties.  If you choose EMRE Publishing, LLC to distribute, then you receive 85% royalties. Watch these tutorials on using all the features you'll receive in your new app. Here's what you can do with it: How to market the Embellisher eReader App from Jim Musgrave Payments and What They Will Cover You will be paying a one-time fee of $300 for the full year's license of the complete 3-in-1 app. You will also pay $175 per quarter for the "satisfaction guaranteed" technical installation of the ePub3 Creator Studio on your server or ours, and you will also get your eReader installation completely tailored to fit your company's brand or your individual "look and feel." The complete installation and license cost, which includes the $700 rebilling, will be $1,000.  This is the total fee for the year, and there are...


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