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Recent Comments Bishop Andy Lewter Eric, This lesson alone is life-changing. For several years I have been purchasing books and just about every digital product, ebook and WP plugin in... – Dec 11, 7:44 AM Bishop Andy Lewter Hi Eric, I am a bishop in my denomination and am known as the "Geek Bishop". I am an early adopter, who has a garage... – Dec 10, 11:08 PM Bishop Andy Lewter I have been in pastoral ministry for the last 40 years and I want to run an online business. I am approaching retirement and I... – Dec 10, 10:49 PM Eric Optimize Press is a WP theme, so... it's not going to interface with Optimize Press itself, however, LPM can easily be used with any WordPress... – Dec 09, 1:39 PM Eric Simple split testing would be a breeze with LPM... Create a page... clone it and in the clone (you can have as many as you... – Dec 09, 1:34 PM Eric Don't really know... haven't looked at Instabuilder closely and the site appears to be offline a lot today. but it's from a reliable team so... – Dec 09, 1:33 PM...

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On the SubjectWe are working in web development and print media. If you have a project that needs some creative injection then that’s where We come in!