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without being annoying or spammy. Hello fellow illustrator, Having worked for myself as an illustrator for over nine years now, I've experienced the highs of being hired, but I'm all too familiar with long, frustrating periods of not getting any client work whatsoever. For more than six years, my income from illustration fluctuated like a yoyo. I'd sometimes go months with not a thing from any potential clients, and I'd have to rely on other income sources to stay afloat. I knew I had to market myself better, but was completely unfamiliar with how to do it. I didn't know how to sell myself, and where to do it. No one had ever shown me this stuff. I often found myself losing confidence in my own work, because there weren't enough people willing to pay me for my illustrations. I was also uncomfortable with the idea of selling myself. I just wanted to create beautiful things and make good money from it. Illustration for Wired Magazine, 2012 Many of the illustrators that I've worked with one-to-one, as well as many Red Lemon Club subscribers have echoed similar frustrations: Talking to a lot of talented illustrators who are not seeing the success they deserve is very often heartbreaking. It's particularly tough seeing that the demand for (particularly digital) visual communication is growing, and there truly is a lot of potential out there. You only need to do a Google search to see that this is a reality, especially with the huge growth of the Internet. "...the need for illustration is growing. Newspapers such as the Guardian and the Observer, meanwhile, are expanding into the internet's broad open spaces - spaces with plenty of room for illustration." - Chris Riddell, 2012 "The future of art and design looks very promising, and very different." - Darian Glover, 2013 "Vidyo Raises $20 Million to Address the Growth in Visual Communications as New “Internet of Things” Applications and Devices Emerge." - Yahoo Finance, July 2014...

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