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 Innovative new way to motivate ATTENTION!!! The Easy Way  to Get People Motivated and Transform their Lives!!! I know it can be hard sometimes to motivate people to do things even when it's clear as day that what your saying is right thing. Sometimes they even know your right and know they should change but they still can't seem to manage it.   The problem is many problems are formed in the mind at the unconscious level and the mind isn't going to change just because you tell it to. You have to first understand how problems are created an then how to change them.  Imagine Imagine if you would the mind is like the earth.  And you know how a river is created right?  How over time the water runs down a certain path over and over again.  Gradually washing away the dirt creating a larger and larger stream which turns into a creek then into a river.   Let’s say the mind is like the earth and if I was to carve a line on the ground and it started to rain, water would find the easiest path to move down, down my carved path.   So it is with our beliefs. If I said to someone "you can do it you can achieve your dreams" they may take it on board but they may not.  It would be like the rain coming down and just going any which way it found easiest.   However if I were to create a high energy in the person and get them feeling really good about the idea.  Then it would be like the rain comes down and takes the path I suggested because it would have been the easiest path to take.   In the book you'll learn a secret that creates high energy in a person. Which you can then use to motivate people. Inspire people and put them into a positive state rapidly.       You will be able to have powerful conversations Have you ever had one of those conversations which changed your life in some way.   You know those deep conversations you have every now and then in life.   What is it about those talks which create such shifts?  How could you be going in one direction one day and then begin be going in  different direction the next?   How was it that you...

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