How To Rapidly Propel Your Medical Practice Income To Unlimited Levels

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"When you see your medical practice overhead increasing, your practice income

that accounts for any physician or other professional healthcare provider being able to earn a reasonable living, or is there a process available to insure it will happen?  Yes, there is! 3.   Graduation from medical school with a huge debt on your shoulders should be a wake-up-call to you that you might need some kind of business knowledge to pay off the debt and still start and maintain a profitable medical practice. 4.   There must be a reason why a highly qualified and experienced medical doctor would bother to write such a book like this unless he had suffered himself because of his ignorance about how to successfully run a small medical practice business.  Don't you think? Is there anyone else telling you about these things? Unassailable facts concerning the business of medical practice: 1. Primary cause of medical practice failure = financial and    business ignorance. 2. Essential business foundations = business principles and    marketing strategies. 3. Greatest problem = doctors don't know what they don't know. 4. Maximum potential for profitability = using business systems    plus marketing. 5. Fundamental business driving force = effective marketing strategies.        You probably haven't yet found the time, energy, and desire to educate yourself about running your small business (medical practice). Since your medical school education neglected to teach you about business management and business fundamentals that all successful business people are required to know and use daily to stay on top. It leaves you with three options: A. Hire people to do it for you (cost = approx. $30,000 plus per year).          B. Continue on as you are and hope for the best--or give up.                    C. Do it yourself.  It's easier than you might think. *In today's economy most physicians and healthcare providers can't afford option A. *Option B offers only one result......a mediocre practice and a low middle class life style. *Option C fits your practice situation--is the one every physician can make work for them.   How much.........depends on the extent of your pain. The "do it yourself" process for business and marketing implementation provides several unique advantages: 1. Minimal cost and much of it is almost free. 2. Easier than memorizing the origins and insertions of body muscles during anatomy class. 3. You are in total control of everything. 4. Learning business and marketing at your own pace one step at a time....

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