Hyperinflation Nightmare Dead Ahead!

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Why world confidence in the U.S. dollar is evaporating...

Dear Fellow American, Ignore this sober warning and you may as well take your savings... your retirement—and your very financial security—and KISS THEM GOODBYE. On the other hand, if you HEED the warning on this page—and ACT on the advice I send you in my newest guide—not only will you have plenty of time to insulate your wealth...'ll have the opportunity to ensure your family's welfare and prosperity for life! Look, it's no secret that our government is bleeding the single greatest gushing of red ink in history. And no institution on earth—not the White House, not Congress... and certainly not the abomination we so politely refer to as the 'Federal Reserve'—has the faintest hope of slowing it—let alone STOPPING it. Despite what the Fat Cats and Bureaucrats try to tell you, the undeniable truth is that Washington has completely LOST CONTROL of the federal budget. And far worse than that, they're oblivious to what this means for you and me—namely, that a nightmarish wave of hyperinflation is set to demolish everything we've EVER worked for. Hyperinflation is Coming—And There's The definition of hyperinflation is "inflation that is very high or 'out of control', a condition in which prices increase rapidly as a currency loses its value." This happened in Germany after World War I... when hyperinflation caused the inflation rate to swell from 300 to 800 billion percent, or 300,000,000,000% to 800,000,000,000% over a six-month period. The value of German mortgages in 1913 was roughly $10 billion US dollars. At the height of hyperinflation in late 1923, these mortgages were only worth one US penny! Trust me, this was NOT a pretty picture... In fact, hyperinflation was so bad that workers demanded to be paid daily, or even multiple times per day, so that their wages would not be worthless at the end of the day. When they received their pay, workers literally RAN from their jobs to the store in the hopes that their paychecks would still be enough to purchase a meal or some goods. Prices often changed hourly. There are stories of people using wheelbarrows to haul enough money to buy a loaf of bread. Money was sold or traded by weight and creative minds found other uses for the money, including making clothing with it, using it for wallpaper, and stuffing it in clothing and walls for insulation. Some citizens actually BURNED their money...

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