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]]>]]> "Steven, as a fellow hypnotist, I have to say "job well done". I am amazed at the depth of trance and value of the script. You really got it right!" James Sadler,

Finally UNLOCK THE POWER of Your Millionaire Mind! CLICK HERE TO INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE BOOK! (Right click on the link above and select 'Save Target As' or 'Save Linked File As' to download your FREE copy of '5 Meditations that will make your RICH!') "Who else wants to know The LAZY-WAY to Transform Your Mind into a POWERFUL MONEY MAGNET! " What people are saying about these guided meditations... "I listened to Steve's meditations with great interest on two fronts. Firstly because I want to know the methods for tuning myself into the right state for financial efficiency, finding those golden nuggets of ideas that could transform my financial position, and secondly because I'm a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety and stress and wanted to hear someone else's therapy sessions rather than my own for change! So after listening to the sessions once through I can report some very positive findings to date. The amount of ideas that have come into my mind for taking my therapy work forwards, enlarging the audience for a reduced cost to myself, allowing me to offer more for free is mind blowing! Literally idea after idea keeps on popping into my head! The sessions themselves are very professional in their construct using a multitude of trance inducing techniques to ensure a powerful and enjoyable session. Each session is carefully crafted, layering suggestions upon suggestions to build deeper levels of absorption into the subconscious mind." Pete Linforth - Clinical hypnotherapist...

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