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Finally!  A Quick And Easy Solution To Start Selling Your Own Products!

Products are of the highest standard currently available for resell rights products. Other memberships do not go into the same level of detail and will require you to do some editing before selling. Number of products We provide you with 3 new products every month. This give you time to work on other areas of your business and plan a strategic method of promotion. Other memberships may provide more products but will often sacrifice quality for quantity and buy from other membership sites, leaving you with unwanted products. Completeness Instant book club products are 99% complete and ready for uploading. Simply replace with your name, Email and payment button and you're good to go. Other memberships will require you to make edits to the sales page, may include broken or 'dummy' download links and will take up your time which can be used on making money. Affiliate page Each product comes with it's own affiliate page and promotional material such as emails, banners, graphics and more to ensure your affiliates succeed and bring in more sales for you. Other memberships neglect the affiliate page or just provide you with a base template. You are still required to add your own promotional content yourself. Auto-responders Instant book club products come equip with an Email broadcast and newsletter for an instant eCourse. This will convert interested prospects into buyers. Each message is formatted 40 characters across for clean, professional-looking Emails. Other memberships do not include auto-responders and will require you to come up with your own. Banners We provide sets of animated banners for each product in standard sizes - 160x600, 120x600, 250x250, 125x125, 468x60 as well as an assortment of graphics. These will help you promote your own product and empower your affiliates! Other memberships do not include animated banners with their products and will require you to either outsource them or create your own, or do without. Tell-a-friend script Our programming experts have manage to integrate the 'tell-a-friend' script into your affiliate page giving your affiliates more control over how they promote and to whom, which in turn leads to more sales for you. Other memberships do not include this script which severely cripples your affiliate program. Desire of products Instant book club products are created for in-demand markets. We do not produce products that people will not buy. Other memberships may create in-demand products too, but leave you to...

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