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Types of market participants and the role market makers plays

Stock prices go up and down every trading day but many still wonder why? The reason they fluctuate daily is simply because of supply and demand. The more demand there is for shares of a stock, the price goes up. The less demand and surplus of shares available of a stock, the price will drop in order to attract buyers. Now if you are wondering why investors are buying or selling a stock? That answer could have no limits. You see folks; one can easily get side tracked by so many stock tips and analysts screaming that a certain stock is the next big thing since sliced bread. But... how would you evaluate if investors are actually buying the stock, if the stock is moving in a favorable direction, or if there are actually multiple investors sharing the same sentiment of these analysts? Well, this is when you can tune into your price charts and get the answers to these questions. You will see what price investors are buying or selling shares at, how many shares they bought or sold at that price, and what time and date they participated in these transactions. All this information is real and will appear on your charts telling you the price, volume, and time when all market participants interacted to buy and sell shares. So why is this useful? It opens the door to technical analysis, which is a method of evaluating stocks or other securities based on statistics of their price history in order to suggest an educated forecast on the stock price’s next move and direction. This course will give you an in depth look at technical analysis and tools such as:...

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