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1st April, 2015 RE: lead generation magic From: Richard Murphy D ear Friend and future internet marketers,  If you want to be able to build a squeeze page and a download page, so the end user can launch a lead funnel very quickly and without looking at any code – with little to no hard work, then read this letter right now. There are a few reasons why this letter itself can change your financial life… First though, does this sound like you? (1) You realize “average and ordinary” people are actually making more sales online and that is real and you can do it too. You believe that but just are not sure why you are NOT making money yet. Is that you? (2) You have tried a few things, maybe a ton of things, and have been bouncing around from one thing to the next and STILL have not gotten over that hump and started generating even a part-time income from home?? Is that you? (3) You’re still struggling to get by after you’ve seen some methods to gather lead and make sales, but they kind of left you hanging and … and did not provide you with any real step by steps or secrets to success? Listen, Here’s The Kicker… If you want to finally start making money online from home with your squeeze page, you’re going to have to finally get your hands on the right software. And if you are willing to read this letter carefully, I will hand over to you a never before seen chance for you to earn massive profits. Why? Because I know you’re tired of the days of seeing a big fat 0 where the hundreds of sales are supposed to be. You’re tired of not generating any lead. Well I’m here today to tell you to STOP whatever you’re doing and keep reading…. You have a chance to take advantage of something that’s going to make your account explode, earn massive profits, and take your game to the highest level Before continuing I have a few things to tell you. I’m Going to Offer You “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Software” Where You Will Get More Lead And Become Rich Just By Building A Dazzling Squeeze Page. You can find plenty of that kind of toxic software all over the internet, so if that’s what you want, you don’t belong here....

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