Learn To Draw Like A Pro In 12 Lessons With Drawing Secrets Revealed

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HomePurchased LessonsLesson 1 – Getting StartedLesson 2 – Basic ShapesLesson 3 – The Block-InLesson 4 – ValuesLesson 5 – Action DrawingLesson 6 – Relative ProportionsLesson 7 – Facial ProportionsLesson 8 – Body ProportionsLesson 9 – Learning to GridLesson 10 – Gridding the Human FaceLesson 11 – Linear PerspectiveLesson 12 – Elements of CompositionStorePurchased Store VideosBlogCritiquesProfessional Critique on Basic ShapesProfessional Critique on a Block-InProfessional Critique on ValuesProfessional Critique on Gridding the Human FaceBrain ResearchAbout the ArtistAffiliate CenterTestimonialsFAQTerms of UseContact Us  Learn To Draw Like A Pro With Online Drawing Lessons! Like this content? Share it!Testimonial: I have completed your course and want to thank you very much.  Years ago I did some watercolors and pastels and had some art courses but due to changes in my life I have not done any art for about 10 years.  When I was painting I knew the weakness in my work was my drawing skills.  Recently I have been longing to try again and this time around I have decided to not take up painting until I considerably improve my drawing skills. When starting out with drawing I was so stiff.  I stumbled on your course in an email from Drawing Made Easy and decided to try to your course to see if it could push me in the right direction.  I am so glad I did.Faces and people are what I am most attracted to and most art courses focus on still life and landscapes.  I can only take so many vases and flowers!  I was attracted to your course because unlike most courses you do not rule out faces as too hard for beginners.  It is difficult to work hard on a drawing if you don’t like the subject. As I said, at first everything was so stiff and awkward but I was determined to follow through the steps in your course. Those blessed cubes in your “Shapes” drove me crazy but as I persisted at last I got something that looked like a real drawing!  That was some progress.  I enjoyed the blind drawing. Then the action drawings, though initially intimidating, really loosened me up.  At first they were awful but I eventually could see some real motion in the figures. I loved all the lessons on proportions and block – although it will take me some time to put it all in practice.  Read more . . . – Patricia SchroederTestimonial: “I appreciate all your efforts to make...

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