Leave A Legacy With Your Memoirs

Of Your Life Story!       Discover the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Enjoyable Way To Create Your Memoir Book, Even If You've Never Written a Single Word! Share your stories so your friends, children, or grandchildren and generations to come will know something about who you are and where they have come from. Everyone makes a mark of who they are and their accomplishments. Everyone has a story. Imagine your friends and family reading about what life was like for you and what you who you are. And your grandchildren, descendants, and others that live a hundred years from now or more will be able to know all about you. Give a face to your DNA. The ties through generations can be strengthened and you – through your memoir, your collection of memories and stories, can play an essential role in giving the generations who follow you a sense of belonging, of continuity…and just maybe, a deeper understanding of who they are. Imagine this; a quarter century from now, your grandchildren's children comparing stories in your autobiography with those of their friends' family histories… or drawing into their school reports on what happened in the 20th or 21st century using YOUR first hand accounts. Writing your autobiography could be a way to give future generations an alternative view of the history of your time – something real and personal – rather than limiting them to official or academic histories.   Everyone Has A Book In Them But Few People Ever Get It Out In Their Lifetime   What is sad is the majority of people will never get their memoirs recorded during their lifetimes. Then its too late. Stories are lost forever for future generations. Even those people with the best of intentions for writing that book one day either procrastinate until it's too late, think that writing is far too difficult, or have no idea where to begin. Writing your story or memoirs can be a daunting task. Many people have a difficult time even finding where to start. Some have notes and others have written some stories but cannot get organized or make the content flow. Or maybe you've already started writing some stories, but you can't seem to keep going. Or you don't know what to do with the stories you've written. Or you wonder if you're doing it right. Also it's so easy to get...


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