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I'd really like to keep this page as SIMPLE as possible... so here goes:

Combine that with your Hot Page Creator, SEO'd links and Social Buttons and you're looking at a package that any marketer will benefit from having in their arsenal - newbie OR grizzled and sunbaked pro. Tony Shepherd ]]>]]>   Now check out some more amazing features of Link Supercharger: EASY, Newbie Friendly, User Interface to Create Redirects Hit counter for each link to allow easy tracking and stats Fully Editable links allowing you to switch the link destination at your will Searchable listings in case you forget what you called your Supercharged links Ability to create multiple 'Hot Pages' based on your category/date choices Maximize Commission & Supercharge Traffic with instant SEO'd Links & Hotpages Simple 1-click Social Sharing for even more Traffic & Commissions Skyrocket your Credibility by sharing Domain Branded, Supercharged links! By Now you may be thinking... "Finally - A simple to install software package that could get me more traffic, maximize my commissions and make me look more professional! Surely, if it does all this it can't really be as easy to use as it makes out???" Well here is a video showing how Simple it is to Use:       (NOTE: Only around 2 minutes long - it really is that simple!)   Hi Guys, Just a quick note to say thanks for letting me look at Link Supercharger! After taking all of 60 seconds to install it I'll just say WOW! It's SO EASY to install, Does what it says on the box, and has a host of EXTRA features that EVERY Marketer will Love! (The SEO'd Hot Pages and Social Sharing Options are Pure Genius! Great Job, I know Link Supercharger will be a 'Must Have' for anyone marketing online and I have no hesitation recommending it to everyone I know! Regards Dave Nicholson ]]>]]>     Hi Guys, I'm looking forward to telling everyone about Link Supercharger. I've used similar products for years - But I have to use multiple programs to get the funcionality that is already built into Link Supercharger! And the programs I use don't go as far as yours does with those fantastic 'Hot Pages'! The fact that they show up in search engine rankings is amazing for a link redirection script! With the social sharing options, and the complete simplicity of a one file install, You really have surpassed so many in the field! I also think both experienced...

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