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Get Your First BitcoinHow to Buy BitcoinsNewsExchangesMiningTradingStartupsScams & TheftAdoptionWalletsLegalOpinionInterviewsAltcoinsGuidesBuying & SellingBuy Bitcoin with Paypal GuideBuy Bitcoin with Credit Card GuideBuy Bitcoins with a Debit Card GuideWalletsMiningTradingAltcoinsReviewsExchangesCoinMX ReviewCoinbase VS. CircleBitcoin Exchanges ComparedWalletsTREZOR Wallet ReviewLedger Wallet ReviewBitcoin Wallets ComparedProductsFAQIs Bitcoin Mining Profitable ?Basic QuestionsAdvanced QuestionsMiscInfographicsImagesGiveaways Here's how I generate $5,234/m using Bitcoin.And much to everyone's surprise, it's not through trading, mining or investing in Bitcoin Hi, I'm Ofir...I’ve been looking for ways to make money from Bitcoin since 2013. Just like everyone else I tried different methods to make a consistent and steady income from the currency. I started out by trading Bitcoins trying to profit from the exchange rate. Although it sounded pretty simple in the beginning it turned out to be much more complicated than I thought.  Since no one can actually predict Bitcoin’s price I found myself constantly chasing the exchange rate trying to make a tiny profit and also putting a lot of my money at risk.I also tried to mine Bitcoins but quickly found out that I was paying more on the electricity to run my mining operation than the Bitcoins I was generating. I was struggling with all sorts of terms like “hashrate” and “SHA-256” and didn’t fully understand what I was doing.Visiting Bitcoin faucets was my next step. I went to all sorts of sites that pay you tiny amounts of Bitcoin for wasting your time online by clicking on links or viewing ads. After examining other countless methods like cloud mining, HYIPs and even arbitraging between different Bitcoin exchanges I was on the verge of giving up on the digital currency all together.Then it hit me...I’m trying to make money out of Bitcoin the “old” way. Basically I’m doing exactly what everybody else is and that’s why I’m not getting any results - there’s just too much competition.I remember thinking “what if I can create a new way of making money from Bitcoin, one that is unique and less competitive ?”.I’m happy to say that I found a method that works.Since I truly believe that Bitcoin is going to change money as we know it I decided to start educating people about Bitcoin. I sat down and wrote a few simple articles about the currency and very quickly got my first few visitors. Whenever someone searched for ways to buy Bitcoins for example, I would point him to the most relevant exchange and get...

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