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"The LazyMarketer's Way to Getting Over 1,200One-Way Backlinks...Using Just One SimpleMethod!"

So we have decided to make this technology easily accessible for justabout any struggling marketer and set the price at just a low one timefee of...  $27 Soagain, $27 isall it will take to own your own copy of 'New Instant DirectoryProfits 'and forthe next 80 buyers only, we'll include this SUPERBONUS below...   Special BonusOffer -  Only 4 left! Lookingfor Internet marketing software to automate your business, get moretraffic and make more sales?  SUPER BONUS CompleteAccess To SixTop-NotchInternet Marketing Tools That Are Guaranteed To Skyrocket Your Profits GetMaster Resell Rights + Giveaway RightsTo Software #1-#5 Worth $67for FREE!    Andto make this even more irresistible, I'm going to give you the MasterResell Rights AND Giveaway Rights (Worth$67)to this software which allows you to be able to distribute it freely toyour either your subscribers or your prospects. Youcan do any of the following: Sellthis complete software package(complete sales page included) for a low price and watch as the salescome pouring in to your Paypal account.. Includeit as a bonus for your ownproducts and instantlyincrease the conversion rate (whichmean you make more money).. Includeit as a bonus on yourmembership site and giveyour customers a reason to stay evenlonger as paying members.. Useit as a bait for One-Time Offers byallowing your visitors to download them for free, and then sell themsomething else as a "one-time" or "backend" offer.. Giveit away for FREE on your websiteas an ethical bribe to get people to subscribe to your mailing list..    It'scompletely upto you!    Sodon't hate yourself formissing out on this crazy opportunity!  ThisIncredible Offer Will Never Be Repeated Pocket Tool #1 -Keyword Warrior Keywordresearch is the mostvital aspect of any website you plan to create. Target the rightkeywords, and you'll making autopilot income for years to come. Getthem wrong, and you're doomed right from the start!    Keywordresearch tools can cost you up to $297 and yet they give you nothing but the same oldjunk keywords everyone else already knows about. Forget those unlessyou consider wasting money a form of "mental therapy"..   Our"Keyword Warrior" tool does thesame thing as 90% of keyword research software out there, plus more! WhatThis Amazing SoftwareDoes: Analyzethe demand and supply of any nichemarket and saves you time required for the necessary research. Uncover hiddenniche marketswith a push of a button. Extractthe no. of daily searchesfor any keyword in the search engines. Display numberof competing pagesfor any keyword in Google, Yahoo & MSN search engines....

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