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That might sound weird, but I did this cover because... I COULD.

Attention men :  Have you dreamed of seeing your abs, yet been put off by some of the extreme tactics such as eating nothing but boring chicken & broccoli? What about the sheer amount of cardio and sit-ups required?  The good news is, you can dramatically reduce your belly fat, while keeping your sanity! That old approach is still out there; that in order to make your abs appear you must do thousands of crunches, while removing all carbs, fat and favour from your food. There is a better way, and I'm going to help you with this... You can save yourself from hours and hours of cardio, obsessively doing sit-ups and reducing your diet down to cardboard! Stay away from hours of cardio and thousands of sit-ups!Eat tasty food that doesn't see you hide your lunch in shame and end up binging to replace the 'cardboard'!Train like a beast, drop body fat and KEEP YOUR SANITY Drop belly fat, help your abs pop & keep your sanity! You know what I'm talking about, right?! The OUTDATED thinking that in order to drop body fat around the belly and actually see your abs you have to do EXTREME things; Doing sit-ups like it's an Olympic sport Endless hours of cardio as if you're willing the fat to leave through sheer boredom Reducing your diet down to something so dull that it resembles cardboard, and it's actually detrimental Let me say this - that might work - BUT is no way to have a life! Do you want to be ridiculed for your restrictive eating? Do you want to spend hours doing exercise that is largely ineffective? You can obtain a flat stomach, even see your abs and not destroy your soul if you do it right. BUT you have to first know the difference between 'training your core' and exposing your abs. You see, this is the key. Doing endless 'core exercises' in order to get a rippling 6-pack will just strengthen the muscles - NOT dropping the fat that covers them. WOULDN'T YOU RATHER LOSE THE FAT FROM AROUND YOUR STOMACH THAN HAVE STRONGER MUSCLES THAT ARE HIDDEN BY FAT? Of course you would. And therein lies the key - the process to seeing your abs is not about doing endless crunches and training for hours on end until your head wants to explode with boredom, it's about training in a manner that promotes dropping the fat around your stomach. Obviously this is where nutrition comes in as well. You needn't drop...

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