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Continue reading only if you want to up your game to that of a top prospect.

But guess what? Many of these current workouts use the wrong approach. Many of these programs are not customized to your individual needs and goals. Many of these programs do not provide day by day detailed information as to what you should be doing. And you know what happens when you follow a program of this type? You miss out on the scholarship. You don't make the final cut. You end up on the losing side. You end up injured. These are the low points in the game of hockey. And I'm guessing you've experienced at least one if not more of these unfortunate situations. I'd have to say for an athlete losing and being injured are probably the two worst things to go through. But it doesn't have to be this way! There is something you can do about this. You can control your destiny. There is a way to ensure your training leads to on ice performance. Don't believe me? Consider the following TRUE story. A few years ago I was approached by a junior level hockey player for some help with his off-season training. Now this wasn’t a player that was lacking in size or talent. He had always been a goal scorer coming up through the various levels of hockey. And he had a great mix of size to dominant another player physically yet could still keep pace with the quickest guys out there. And oh yeah, this guy had already been drafted by an NHL team. So you could say he was on this way to making it to the pros and living out his dream of playing in the NHL. Just like working with a championship thoroughbred, a trainer can sometimes do more harm than good with athletes that are already at the top level and on their way. And guess what? This player experienced some remarkable gains during only one off-season of training. And in the section below you can read all the great accomplishments he achieved. Because let’s be fair... HE did all the work. HE put in the sacrifices. HE was the one that was on time for every session and did everything exactly the way I asked him to. HE is the one due all the great things that happened to him the following year and for many years to come. I was fortunate to be able to design the...


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