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and direct without two pages of justification for each one, which leaves the reader (and me) wondering what the original point was."

 Re: Your Sales Letter       ear Frustrated Marketer, I'm assuming you're frustrated, - Why? - Simply because I have had so many emails and messages from people who have listened to the advice they see online, and have finally created a product of their own.  You and I both know that every marketer that has achieved any level of success has done so because they have their own product, and that the advice they ALWAYS give to any newbie is - You Must Have Your Own Product! Well it does seem obvious and any checking of the facts seem to prove it to be the case.... I mean come on - even the people selling info on affiliate marketing and adsense sites "Have their own products about this info!" So in a fit of hard work and enthusiasm many people will put in a great deal of effort into creating something to be proud of! Something they've spent a lot of time researching and even more time writing and formatting, ensuring it to be a product of value filled with quality, useful information that their readers will be grateful for. And here's the 'Catch 22' They spend ages creating a pride-worthy product, accumulate other products with rights to use as bonuses and giveaways, and are all set to finally start making some money....... Only to find that no-one likes their sales page! Without good converting copy a couple of nightmarish things happen! Firstly - they struggle to make any sales themselves, And it is Frustrating to the point where many just give up on their dreams completely. Resulting in all the hard earned cash they invested in domain names, hosting, graphics and autoresponders.... etc. PLUS the hours they spent uploading the sales letter, building the buy now button, sorting the payment processor, the download page, possibly upsells and downsells, confirmation pages and thankyou pages, emails and more .... All prove to be Wasted! - both in terms or Time and Money! And all because they didn't have a sales letter set up to hold their visitor's interest and lead them to the buy button! Secondly - And Possibly Worse still, Any attempt to get some JV partners to help send even more traffic to the page in the hope of making something back for their efforts, results in rejection after rejection.. Why? - because those more experienced marketers don't want...

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