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No one should have to wait on hold to talk to technical support and then troubleshoot for hours over the phone just to have them tell you they need to send out a technician.

You are about to learn the dirty secret behind a multi-billion dollar industry, how you can avoid becoming a victim and ultimately save money for the rest of your life! What do I mean by victim? Let me tell you a story about Dave...   Stop me if you've heard this before, (as a technician I've heard this one hundreds of times). David, a loyal but frustrated, Satellite TV customer calls to tell me that he'd been on the phone with the Satellite Company for 3 hours. The first hour he spent waiting on hold, and then spent the other 2 troubleshooting his receiver. The phone technician did her best to speak english but she was still hard to understand. Dave asked me why the big corporations can't hire people who speak good english and of course, I didn't have a good answer for him, all I could do was sympathize... The first thing she wanted me do, he said, was to check the TV channel and reset the receiver. "I already did that" he told her, but she said to do it again because that's what her computer told her to say, so he wastes 15 minutes of his time going through the motions only to end up in the same place that they started from. "What does your script say to do next"? he asks. The phone technician had him go through all the cabling in the back of the receiver and check all the connections. To make a long story short, he said, after 2 hours of all this @#$%*&, she tell's me they're going to have to send out a technician. (I'm sure he was ready to pull his hair out by now)... Since he didn't have the "protection plan" they wanted to charge him $60. He said "fine, when can you come out?" And she said June 14th was the earliest they could do it. "The only problem is, today is the 11th and I'm going to miss Monday Night Football"! You know, I'm not necessarily a football fan, but I know exactly how Dave feels because I've gone through this very same thing many times myself....

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