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Find out what hundreds of happy teachers have used to… Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days After This Former Hiring Manager Reveals What You’ll Be Asked On The Interview And Shows You The BEST Answers!” Stop losing teaching jobs to “traps” and “landmine” questions… Discover the insider secrets of successful interviews Retired teacher and interviewer shows you common mistakes you MUST avoid to stop losing jobs to competitors Testimonials “Not just a qualified teacher, but an EMPLOYED one…” “Mark’s guide was absolutely indispensable in finding a teaching job—even though I’m in London and it was written for the US! Teaching jobs, especially PE teaching, are hard to come by in the UK, so you need to be right at the top to get a good job. This guide gave me all the information I needed, from what to wear at an interview to what to say – and how to say it. With the tips this guide gave me I changed the whole way I went about applying for jobs – it made an INSTANT difference. And the confidence Mark’s guide has given me will stand me in very good stead in my new career.” ---Sarah Smith, Manchester, England, Uk From the desk of Mark Fredman,...

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