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The American International Association (AIA) offers a unique membership with exclusive members-only benefits. Make the AIA your business community and enjoy the benefits of our exciting program to help create and grow your hypnosis, holistic or self-help related business.   WHO SHOULD JOIN THE AIA Our group is filled with members who want to have a successful practice or business. Our code of Ethics ensure that members adhere to our principles of being positive minded, helpful and creative rather than competitive with each other. If you’re and action taker and want to continue to grow in knowledge, wealth and be on the cutting edge of your field, this is the place to be.   WHY THE AIA? Here’s What’s Included:   Get Clients Mini-Series (Start your Business ASAP) One of the biggest shocks that most beginning practitioners run into is once they've graduated with their certificate in hand they're so excited to get started in business but when they open their front door there isn't a line of clients waiting for them. Suddenly those two infamous words surge through their mind; "Now what?" Not to worry; we have a Five Part Miniseries showing you everything about where and how to get clients to your door as soon as possible. “This is the section I really wish I had back when I started out." Hypnotic Marketing Video Series Here's a set of hypnotic marketing and sales training videos that we like to call "The "Unfair Advantage". The advantage we're speaking of is how to use the natural processes of the conscious mind to enhance your negotiations with the public. You'll find so many simple to use effective techniques to use with your clients that you'll wonder how you ever got along without them. You'll find them to be the difference between simply marketing or being a Marketing Superstar. Hypnosis Script Starter Library (Over 60 scripts) The "Hypnosis Script Starter Library" was written exclusively for our members featuring some of the best inductions, deepeners, depth test, analytical vehicles, scripts and awakenings taken from our most popular publications all gathered together in one place for your convenience. Everything you'll need to get started and keep yourself going in business is included in this manual. You'll find it to be one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox. In addition to the most commonly used script topics it also includes metaphysical scripts and...

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