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Features available with Serprecord With serprecord, it’s cost-competitive and incredibly simple to track keywords just like you’ve always wanted.

SERP Record Keyword Tracking Ranking Tool Google/Bing/Yahoo/Amazon/Youtube Tracking search engine ranking of your website for a group of keywords is critical for webmasters. If you don’t track the keywords and ranking of your site and YouTube Videos & Amazon Products against those keywords, you will never know what keywords you are performing well and what the improvements that you need to make in your search engine optimization strategy. In order to improve search engine ranking of your website, you first need to know your current standing, and that’s something that you cannot do without tracking. Google Analytics seem to be the best option (so far) when it comes to tracking, monitoring and analysis of your website’s traffic but there are quite a few other analytic tools available in the market too that are somehow better than Google Analytics in several aspects. SERPRecord is one among them....

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