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Link Tracking Improve your affiliate link CTR by tracking click events through Google Tag Manager and the theme's built-in link tracking system. Extremely Flexible Theme Customizations One of the most important aspects of building a great-performing website is to have a professional-looking design with a look and feel that taps into the emotions of your audience. With the Ultimate Azon Theme you can customize your website with over 70 different style settings – making it easy for you to create a highly-unique look and feel that connects with your viewers. Ultimate Customizations include: Google fonts, font sizes, font colors, background colors and background gradients or background images. You can customize headings, the navigation, the body, the header, the footer, the product sliders & tables, and more. View Full Feature List   Time Saving Product Review Integration After you have your website up and running, it’s a never-ending job adding fresh content to keep your audience and the search engines happy, and to grow your affiliate income. The Ultimate Azon Theme makes adding new content and product reviews a breeze and keeps you focused on the quality of your content. After you set up your main product type and create all of your custom product specifications, you can add new reviews instantly, and with ease. Just plug in your custom specs, upload your main product image, add your full review body, click publish, and let Ultimate Azon take care of the rest! Not only is creating the reviews fast and easy, but you can then pull all of that data into custom product sliders and sortable comparison tables and embed them anywhere within your site with just a few clicks of the mouse! View Full Feature List Advanced Affiliate Link Tracking The Ultimate Azon Theme has a layer of advanced affiliate link tracking built right in, waiting for you to take advantage of.  It connects to your Google Tag Manager Account, and pulls in data about the links that were clicked on your website into your Google Analytics Reports. Find out which links, pages, and locations on those pages are performing the best, and the worst. Once you know, you can optimize your links for the best possible CTR, thereby increasing your profits!...

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