The Ultimate Guide To Sales Comebacks And Rebuttals 2012

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These are just a few of HUNDREDS of EXAMPLES for you to learn! —

No need, no money, no hurry, no desire, or no trust. You must overcome these objections on every sale.Frustrated by their stalls? ... Sick of rejection? If you refuse to help yourself & keep doing what you're doing now, then you can't expect different or better results. The key to fatter paychecks is preparing yourself with intelligent comebacks that expertly overcome objections like: I'm not interested. I'm too busy right now. It's not a priority. Just fax me some info and I'll keep it on file. The price is too high / We don't have the budget. I need to wait / I need to think about it. Call me in six months. I need to talk to my partner, boss, wife, etc. We're currently using another supplier and we're happy. It won't work for us. We don't need it. We've had a bad experience with this type of thing. You're too small / never heard of you. You're just trying to sell me ... I like the idea, but I need you to tell me that I am making the right decision. Right now, you can learn the perfect rebuttal for any objection they could possibly throw at you!...

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