Weightlifting For Busy Moms And Dads

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The Complete Weightlifting Plan for Busy Moms and Dads Workout Guide

Build Muscle and Lose Fat Forever! Stop trying cookie-cutter workout plans that do not work with your life and your busy family! It’s time to finally shed fat and build lean muscle with a plan guaranteed to work with your busy schedule! "Personal trainer reveals how to build muscle and burn fat even if you have a busy life with your kids, activities, work, and other commitments." Glen Gosch, CPT A letter from the cluttered desk of Glen Gosch, Certified Personal Trainer, Father of Four Kids (ages newborn to teenage):   Hello fellow parents! Has this ever happened to you? You want to get in shape, and then something, some sort of event, causes you to pull the trigger and purchase a solution to your conundrum of body fat and/or lack of muscle mass. Maybe you looked in the mirror and were just not satisfied, Maybe you saw a picture of yourself on Facebook and thought “I need to get in shape!” Perhaps at some point you felt completely uncomfortable in your own skin. For me, it was when my daughter (who was 5 years old at the time) saw me with my shirt off and told me, “Dad, you look like you’re pregnant.” Ouch. And maybe you’ve tried some of the available solutions out there, but DID NOT get the results you were looking for. Maybe you tried something like this: You purchased a gym membership and used it a record-breaking 3 weeks in a row… but paid for a full year. You subscribed to a fitness magazine hoping to get a body like the men or women on the covers. Sure enough, in a few months you had movie producers and magazine editors knocking at your door ready to make you a cover model and have you star in your first feature film with your new body. Oh, wait, that didn’t happen? You bought a fitness program from an infomercial, maybe even used it for a while, but then tucked it away next to your Shake Weight. You downloaded a FREE program from a popular website. And you got what you paid for. Those things can work. MOST times, they DON’T. Maybe this has happened to you. You tried to stick with a weight training or workout plan and ultimately you were left frustrated and back to square one. Keep reading to find the ONE “trick” to PERMANENT FAT LOSS,...

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