Work At Home Creating And Selling Crosswords.

              Fitness Coach Need to loose weight? Get Fit! Get Ripped!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Click Here!                                                        WORK AT HOME                                    Start Today! Creating and Selling Crosswords GREAT Part-time or Full-time work! Hi, my name is Helen Marie and I work at home creating and selling crosswords. I started working from home so I could spend more quality time with my family. A friend of mine introduced me to a local Writer's Club and then I earned my diploma from Writer's Digest School. This is how I began my journey as a published Crossword Creator and seller of games and puzzles. I sold my first collection of games and puzzles to Standard Publishing Company. I also design Match Games, Mazes, Dot-To-Dot's, Word Searches, Decoder Games, Find What's Missing, and more. My games and puzzles have been published in Bible Puzzle Time, and Children's Playmate one of several publications of the Children's Better Health Institute. Have you ever wondered who creates and sells the crosswords you see in magazines? Well guess what? I'm one of them and now it can be you too! Let me help you fulfill your dream of working from home and becoming a published writer. I am offering you what took me years to achieve. All you have to do is follow my step-by-step "Create & Sell Crosswords" instructional guide e-book and you're on your way to working from home as a Crossword Creator. My e-book is simple to read and can be read...

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