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“Skyrocket Customer Value, Build Your List, Generate Viral Traffic, Increase Conversion and Create a Buying Experience Your Customers Will LOVE!” (…AND DO IT IN MINUTES WITHOUT CUSTOM PROGRAMMING,

EXPENSIVE SHOPPING CARTS OR MERCHANT ACCOUNTS!) WATCH This Video to See 8 Money Making, List Building and Traffic Strategies You Can Put to Work TODAY… “Rob, this plugin is totally insane…”Mark Hess “OMG this is wicked! I’m working on a client’s site as I write this and he insisted on using one of those ‘bloated & complicated (way overkill)’ solutions for his new digital product offer (because of the built-in shopping cart & affiliate program integration)… I wish I knew about this last week so I could have saved him hundreds of dollars PLUS save myself a half bottle of Advil!”Mark Sandquist Calling All Affiliate Marketers & Product Creators… Dear Fellow Web Business Owner, Rob Cornish here and welcome to WP Viral Payments. In a nutshell, WP Viral Payments is a super powerful but simple and easy to use WordPress plugin which builds your list, generates viral traffic and drives sales using an awesome and professional interface your customers will love! But first, let’s start with a very simple FACT: Most online business owners are leaving a HUGE amount of money on the table Why? Because most web entrepreneurs are so busy setting up websites, creating products, and squeeze pages that they get distracted from another  place where so much money can be made: The buying process itself … When your prospect clicks on your affiliate link, buy button on your sales page or banner on your blog you have a unique but time-limited opportunity to: Give them a great and transparent buying experience Drive viral traffic Increase conversions Build your list And make a LOT of money! If you’re a product creator or an affiliate marketer who already does ALL of these things, then WP Viral Payments probably isn’t for you. However, the sad reality is that these things rarely happen because most people overlook them.  Today, this is about to change: Presenting… If you haven’t done so already I highly recommend you watch the video at the top of this page which will give you a walk through of how WP Viral Payments works and how simple it is to set up on your website. Let’s take a look at some of the powerful features of WP Viral Payments, one by one…   Allowing customers to add extra items to their order with just a single click is one of THE most powerful ways to skyrocket the amount of money you...

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