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Date: Saturday, January 24th, 2015   Fellow wealth seeker, In case you haven't worked it out yet… YOU'VE BEEN LIED TO. I'm guessing by now you've bought 3, 4, maybe even TEN or more "push button apps" the sneaky gurus claim will make you millions overnight… And I'm also gonna guess you've made NOTHING from them. I'm right, aren't I? It hurts to realize the truth… It hurts to think back to the pain and expense you've gone to following the gurus' LIES.     But Today, You're Going To Get The Chance To Beat The Gurus At Their OWN Game. Just think for a second about each and every crappy "push button app" you've bought from the fake gurus… And think about what they ALL have in common. Every time you bought from these guys, they sent you EMAILS… LOTS OF EMAILS. And they tried to get you to buy MORE and MORE "push button apps"… right? Did you ever stop to think that THIS is how these guys REALLY make their money? See... The REAL 7 Figure Gurus Never Actually Use The "Push Button" Crap They Con YOU Into Buying. The REAL way the richest online marketers really make money is much simpler... They Make MILLIONS Every Day From... EMAILS.     Just think about ALL those emails you got in your inbox, tempting you to buy "the next big thing". IT'S ALL PART OF THE PLAN. This is exactly how the REAL multi-millionaire gurus make their money online: * First, they get YOUR email. * THEN they promote various offers to you… …in exchange for MASSIVE commissions as high as 75% !! Because every time YOU buy from them… THEY get paid... BIG TIME. Well, now you can.. Use The Gurus' Secret Weapon AGAINST Them.     Automatically Replicate The Gurus And Harness The Power Of Email Marketing Emails are the most powerful tool you can use to make fast online profits, again and again.   Sell many products to the SAME customer Increase profits 1000% with zero effort No Advertising Costs Turn "One Off" Customers Into Repeat Buyers Mail as often as you want   However, There Is Some Bad News...   For most people, getting started with email marketing is not so easy and it can be pretty expensive. First of all, you'll need to find and pay for an email sending service. This can...

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