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Musician's Blueprint To Getting Heard - Bestselling Blueprint Series!

This is the new music business. It's now your music industry. It's time you realized that you're the new boss. "The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard Shares The Exact Music Promotion Methods That The World's Most Successful

that literally can't help being found AND heard. √ The Blueprint is going to show you how to keep those listeners coming back so you can build a true fan base. Once you do that, everything becomes possible and a real music career can finally get started.  √ It's a step by step system that ties everything together and shows you how to promote music in a way that finally makes sense and becomes stronger and more effective every week you have it in place.  √ This is the "new music industry" and it's time indie musicians, songwriters and promoters market their songs to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that now exist.  The old methods of getting exposure just aren't going to cut it anymore. The Musicians Blueprint to Getting Heard is Based on the "Fan-Generating Machine " Method...

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Professional Songwriting Secrets

Techniques that pros use to turn ideas into incredible lyrics.


Drum Building Secrets

New Manual Called 'Drum Building Secrets' Reveals How To Build A

  Dear Fellow Drummer, If you want to save thousands of dollars on a top of the line drum set, or you simply want to learn how to build a custom made drum set, then this is going to be one of the most important messages you will read... "Drum Building Secrets" is a step-by-step guide that shows you the inside secrets, tips, and techniques you need to know to succeed at building a professional level custom drum set. In "Drum Building Secrets" you'll discover how to build a professional level drum set from scratch from your home or in your workshop, and you'll gain the knowledge you need to speak intelligently about how drums are built. You'll get a detailed step-by-step explanation of everything you need to know about how to build a custom drum set, and you'll learn everything you need to know to do it a shoestring budget. Highly recommended!...

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Akustische Gitarre & Saiteninstrumente Technik

Sie sind hier: Startseite » Instrumente » Akustische Gitarre Akustische Gitarre, Saiteninstrumente Technik Eine einmalige Ideensammlung für Musiker, Bastler und Selbstbauer

Das Technik-Kompendium rund um Akustische Gitarren und Saiteninstrumente. Eine einmalige Ideensammlung für Musiker, Bastler und Selbstbauer. In dieser umfangreichen Patentschriftensammlung finden Sie unzählige Entwicklungen und Konstruktionsbeispiele für Akustische Gitarren aller Art. Hier erhalten Sie umfassende technische Beschreibungen und detailgenaue Zeichnungen von verschiedenen Gitarren und vergleichbaren Saiteninstrumenten, Umstimmvorrichtungen, Stegen, Tonabnehmern und vielem mehr. Und all das auf 930 Seiten! Dabei kommen diese Informationen von erster Adresse - nämlich direkt von den Erfindern! Wertvolles und überaus hilfreiches Material sowohl für Profis, als auch für Hobby-Musiker. Die Patentschriften sind für alle sehr hilfreich, wenn es darum geht, die Technik zu verstehen, um selbst Teile o.ä. zu bauen oder zu reparieren. Eine echte Fundgrube an Informationen!...

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How To Pro Dj: Fast & Easy

I got to play with artists I have always dreamed of playing with.

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How To Sell Stock Photos

How To Sell Stock Photos - The eBook Home | About Me | Contact Us

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Creating The 3rd Dimension - Ken Duncan

Would you like to save $10 and get my eBook Photography Explained for half price?

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