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Learning To Play The Guitar - An Absolute Beginner's Guide Ebook

74 audio files and backing tracks allow you to hear each example written in the book.

Learn the essential skills to play the guitar in your favorite music styles. The eBook will teach you the essential guitar skills to start playing rock, blues, country and folk music. These styles are played by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Eagles and Led Zeppelin to newer acts such as John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, The Black Keys and many more. Learning To Play The Guitar - An Absolute Beginner's Guide is cheaper than a physical guitar book or instructional DVD and is much easier to use on your PC, MAC, iPad or tablet. An easy way to learn the guitar. The interactive eBook has links to exclusive audio, songs and video lessons to help you learn to play quickly. A fun way to learn the guitar. Having fun at the same time as you learn songs with included backing tracks. You'll be able to download the beginner guitar eBook immediately after payment....

Guitar Legato Fast Start

Now...let's take this guarantee one step further. I want you to feel absolutely certain there's no way you can "get taken". I'm a respected guitar educator and my reputation is on the line...

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American Idol Auditions.

  " You Can Make it Past the First Round of the Auditions with 4 Simple Techniques ! " Read The 4 Simple Techniques Below From:

Dear Friend, Did you know that the average American Idol audition last season lasted just 26 seconds? That's not a long time to leave a good impression.  But some performers manage to do it in ways you'd never guess, and we'd like to share some of those ways with you here.  It's really not that difficult to make it past the first round of the auditions and on to the TV part of the show if you know what you're doing and you prepare.   Our organization, the Information Association, specializes in audition training and preparation.  We prepare students with the information they need to succeed.  We've helped many singers over the years achieve the exact results they were after through effective training and knowledge.  We've found out some incredible secrets about the American Idol audition process.  In Fact, We Can Show You How To...

Play Dead Murder Mysteries.

Bored with the same old plays? Why not add some Mystery?  Play Dead is your best resource for Comedy murder mysteries for all of your theatrical needs. Whether High School, College, Community theatre, dinner theatre or fund raiser.

Read more Feedback on the Feedback page "Hi - we have been doing your comedy Murder mystery dinner theater plays for 6 years at our school with HUGE success- Our productions sell out within 48 hours that tickets go on sale. Our public LOVES your plays!"...

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David Jasmine's Songwriting Science

attention songwriter: turn up your computer speakers now for your BIG BREAK


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Guitarsimple - Easiest Beginner Guitar Lessons Online

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Most free lessons on the Web are posted by talented kids who play guitar very well or extremely well but THEY ARE NOT TEACHERS. Their lack of experience with REAL students lead them to exclude CLEAR explanations about the most simple details which are always important for beginners. Even if a young guitar player uploads a good (and most likely short) lesson on Youtube, it was probably recorded as a single Class instead of being part of a completely organized course. Not to mention whether this knowledge comes from Academic sources, an uncle who taught him or her how to play a couple of chords or if they learned to play guitar from neighborhood friends....

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Quick, Before They're Gone. A Photographers Guide To Backup

• What kind of software you need and how to use it.

Quick, Before They're Gone! A Photographers Guide to Backup. All you need to know about backup and image archiving for photographers. Click Below to Purchase the e-book at $9.95 PURCHASE HERE The 100 page PDF gives you all you need to know about image archiving, backing up and securing any digital asset for the photographer. Protect yourself from disasters that could wipe out years of precious images—backup your pictures. This book provides a simplified approach to backup including: • How to organize your hard drives with the exact file and folder structure....

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Tearing It Up - Learn Heavy Metal Guitar

“Would You Like To Learn All the Heavy Metal Metal Guitar Chords And Scales You Need to Play 90% of Metal Songs in Under 31 Days Without the Expense of Pricey Ongoing Lessons?”

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Guitar Assault: 66 Licks - New & Unique 'guitar Solo' Tuition

This solo was created by RANDOMLY picking from a series of 1-second guitar sections, and adding them together...


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