Dealing Successfully With Sports Parents

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with Sports Parents A survey shows that one of the #1 challenges that coaches face today is dealing with parents.     Get back to your passion and stop dealing with parents. “With the help of several industry experts, including David Jacobson (Positive Coaching Alliance), Chris Hickey (Institute for Sports Coaching), Janis Meredith (Sports Parenting) and Daryl Weber (elite high school coach), I’ve put together a package that will change your coaching career, renew your passion and help you stop focusing on parents and start focusing on winning championships.”Jim Harshaw, former Division I Head Wrestling Coach at Slippery Rock University,   The Guide to Dealing Successfully with Parents A 47 page guide delivered instantly...

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Raising Athletic Royalty

Insight to Inspire for a Lifetime Bestselling author, Frank Giampaolo, has written yet another

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Netball Star And Rugby League Star

70% Commission to Affiliates - ]]>]]> Make a massive improvement in your daughters netball abilities. 


Climbing Workouts

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Name:Email: Climbing Workouts develops training systems, video tutorials and manuals that are available to anyone who wishes to get better at rock climbing (Indoor and Outdoor). Climbing workouts publishes eBooks and videos that are meant to assist your training sessions and your climbing improvement plan. All our training systems and manuals are inspired in the best training practices applied by elite climbers across the world, from the spotlighted achieved competition climber, to the underdog rock warrior. The mission of Climbing Workouts is to spread knowledge about training climbing and teach people how they can plan, schedule, track and successfully execute custom plans that work for them. If you are interested in learning more about our publications, please go to the manuals page VIEW MANUALS Climbing Workouts – Essential Training Plan your Training, Achieve Benchmarks...

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Sure Victory- Fitness Bootcamp Pro Package

“25-Year Boot Camp Business Owner Reveals How To Turn A Floundering Personal Training JOB Into A Thriving Boot Camp BUSINESS While Decreasing the Time You Spend in the Gym – Guaranteed!”

I have my first corporate fit challenge account (school) and we are kicking off this coming week! Just like the Sure Victory BC Kit (where I had boot camp up and running in 3 weeks) Everything is laid out so well it will be so easy to implement. The process is laid out step by step which allows me to focus more on the fitness coaching and creative elements rather then the program structure and paper work! Being an independent trainer (with a small budget) this is a win-win! Not only will I make a difference in people's lives (who otherwise may not get active) but it will help me connect with potential future clients for my small group training and boot camp business!...

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Mind The Gap - The Science Behind The Sporting Mind

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We take athletes and make champions As elite Athletes we strive to be the champion, to be the best at our sport, to be faster, stronger and go for longer by dominating the field! It's what we train for, plan for and dream of! But what does it actually take to become a champion? If becoming the best at what you do was purely a 'physical thing' then any one of your competitors could be the champion tomorrow by simply training harder than you do, if it was 'technical knowledge' then it would be just about learning a new set of techniques or skills and if you believe it’s about ‘Luck ’ then you are in the wrong game! In-fact it’s clearly more than any of those - it’s the mental aspect of an athlete that makes them a ‘true’ sustainable champion!...

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