SalsaDancingCourse™ - The #1 Home Salsa Class With 6 Hours of Salsa Videos That Guarantees Results!

3 separate expert teachers means you experience different teaching methods with each teacher focusing on a specific style of Salsa!

I f you've ever wanted to dance salsa with style & confidence like a professional easily & in a shortest time WITHOUT paying for expensive classes… then this will be the most important message you'll ever read. What if I told you that you can learn how to dance Salsa... from home , with one-on-one coaching , in weeks not years without wasting money, time and effort on traditional dancing schools.   “ Excellent DVDs for beginner to intermediate Salsa dancers who want learn or improve their technique for the basic step and linking a few well choreographed patterns. ” “ A terrific learning tool for beginners of Salsa and for those who wants to keep fit while having fun! ”...

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Curso Completo Domina La Salsa

Si compras el curso  hoy, te lo llevas por tan solo $19 Dolares, si leistes bien,  tan solo por $19 USD .  ¿Y qué pasa si no me gusta?

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Dance Lessons For Men (new!)

“For The Man Who Wants To Dance Anytime & Everywhere Without Shame ” Learn how to dance in a club, at a party, with a girl! Fill out the form below and get my 10 basic lessons FOR FREE : Name: E-Mail:     “ Now, I really enjoy going to clubs. When I hear the music, no matter where it is coming from, I begin to catch a rhythm and immediately start dancing! This course makes miracles happen!!  ” - Alex “ I enjoyed the course. The theory and basic techniques provided are things you will not get taught in any dancing school … ” - Serge...

Bubble Booty Fitness Program

Home About Blog Classes Support Time to Move your Booty? It all starts with my FREE 3 Day "Move Your Booty" Challenge... Feel Sexy, Beautiful & Energized right away... Get 3 FREE Movement Classes & get instant results shakin' it! Move Your Booty

Get Inspiration to Get Fit…with Booty-focused Fitness & Dance Tips Love Your Body “Get Ready” Tip Instant Sexy Confidence with this Samba move Don’t be sore…go for a Beauty Walk instead How to Walk & Dance in High Heels Bubble Booty Fitness Program…Learn More FIRM THE BOOTY…AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW Start a dance party 3 Day Move Your Booty Challenge More: Welcome Blog Shop Contact Get Hot Tips: Free 3 Day Challenge Fitness Inspiration HOW TO DANCE "WOW" Get a Round, Fit Booty by having Fun: Bubble Booty Fitness Program Home | Site Credits | Health Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Affiliate | Resources About Us | Contact | LOG IN @2010 - 2015 Lovelight Samba | Design by Irina Bassett...

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Celebrity Dance Instructors With Social Dancing Lessons Dvds

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Twerk Tutorial

Here’s a taste of what you’ll be learning in the ground section of the video.

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&#9829 BellyDancingCourse™ - The #1 Home Belly Dancing Class With 50 Video Lessons That Guarantees Results! &#9829

3 seperate expert teachers means you get diversity in teaching styles and a better learning experience because of specialization .

The entire program consists of over 50 videos with a total runtime of 8 hours , systematically teaching all major types of bellydance steps and combinations that leaves nothing to the imagination. It's the most jam-packed and intensive belly dancing course you'll ever experience. 50 videos with a total running time of 8 hours of in-depth lessons Step-by-step bellydance instruction program presented in an easy-to-follow format 3 different teachers covering 5 major styles of belly dancing. Suitable for BOTH beginners and seasoned dancers. Learn over 40 isolated body movements, each visually demonstrated and verbally described, with on-screen visual aids. All basic moves are covered in the first 2 hours so you will be up and running quickly. Clearly see all movements from multiple viewing angles, including full-body & up-close views. Then perform fluid combinations of the moves you've learned! Introducing......

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Latin & Ballroom Dance Lessons Online -

(No experience needed) Learn Latin & Ballroom dancing online with over

Imagine if you can: Increase your confidence when dancing with any partner of any level. Get in shape and have a fit, toned body. Smoothly lead or follow any partner on any dance occasion. Master sexy hip movement and arm styling. Learn dancing at the privacy of your home. Learn new dance moves that you can use right away. Review dance moves at anytime that is convenient to you. Perfect your technique and body movement. Improve your musicality and rhythm. Learn the percise footwork for every step....

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